Don’t get spiritually comfortable!

Here’s the last video for a while…

So often God allows things into our life to MAKE us lean on HIM. When the struggle fades the temptation is to forget God and get comfortable.

The apostle Paul told the Corinthians: “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall” (10:12).

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An in-depth look at Matthew Bible Study

After a long summer I am craving time in the Word. Serious time. Time that takes me to the DEEP places. Time that teaches me and challenges me.
I will be leading a women’s Bible study that meets every Saturday from September 8th-October 27th. We’ll take a break for November and December then start back up January 5-February 23rd. Our topic of study will be the gospel of Matthew.
If you aren’t in Rochester and would like to join the study, or if you are in Rochester and Saturday afternoons aren’t going to work for you, you can join the study via email here:
Look forward to videos, the worksheet for each chapter, and encouragement.
Here’s what you won’t find: professional video production, a woman obsessed with hair/makeup/the wrinkles on her face or clothes.
If you want to go to the deep places with me, join in. My prayer is that it leads us all to know and love God more.
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Prayer for our children

Heavenly Father,

You hold this school year in YOUR hands. Guard our children from all forces that would tear them from you. Let our children shine the light of YOUR love in their thoughts, words and actions.

Let them be forces of justice, standing up for the bullied and refusing to take advantage of the weak and broken.

Let them be kind, even to those who refuse to be kind to them.

Walk with them. Give them wisdom. Fill them with your love.

Bless our teachers with all they need to do their jobs well.

Protect our classrooms and buses.

Thank you, Jesus for going with our children and refusing to leave them. Calm our worry and anxieties.

Let this year be a blessing, full of useful lessons and godly instruction.

In the powerful name of Jesus we pray.

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Do you have any idea who you are?

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Do you have any idea who you are?

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Don’t fight the Shepherd’s hook

And the ache of life part 2:

“Closed doors can be painful. Dreams, like preaching the gospel in Asia, die. Sometimes it means a different role or traveling companions. But when I see closed doors as a nudge of the Shepherd using his hook to keep me from a path I wasn’t meant to take, they are cause to rejoice, not lament.”

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Keep Fighting, Warrior

The ache of life part 1:
“The tribe is there, but at times it is so terribly invisible.”
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What does your attitude mean to those around you?

Oh, how this short paper blessed me today! Consider your attitude. Are you one of the ten spies whose negativity infected ALL the people, or do you have the attitude of Joshua and Caleb?
“These two men were “different.” They had a different disposition, a different focus on life, and a different attitude toward God and his work.”
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